Eco Services


The most powerful photocatalytic pool steriliser on the market, harnesses a new revolutionary ceramic nano crystal technology possessing the power to sterilise sewage into drinking water without the use of chemicals.

  • Photocatalytic Ti02/Mo oxidiser and clarifier
  • Combined photocatalytic, hydroxyl radical and UV technology
  • Eliminates contaminants, leaving water looking clean, fresh and crystal clear
  • Reduces the need for chemicals in the pool by up to 80%

The Dolphin Liberty

The Dolphin Liberty 400 Robotic Pool Cleaner has the following:
  • Dolphin’s First Wireless Robotic Pool Cleaner – Harvest the Power of the Dolphin Liberty with its cordless design
  • A New Generation of Cordless Pool Cleaning – Easy snap-in-place charging
  • Clean your pool for up to a week on one charge – Cordless Inductive Charging
  • Click-Up Technology – Shake the rattle in the water and the Dolphin will climb to the surface to easily be picked up