Solar ​Covers

Harness the power of the sun

Solar pool covers utilize sunlight to heat and maintain pool temperatures sustainably. They reduce water evaporation, conserve chemicals, and offer cost-effective heating solutions. With their eco-friendly design, these covers enhance pool efficiency and extend the swimming season economically and conveniently.

Apollo 400 Micron

GeoBubble Swimming Pool Solar Cover | Apollo 400 Micron | 25% Longer Lasting

Midas 500 Micron

GeoBubble Swimming Pool Solar Cover – Midas 500 Micron – 25% Longer Lasting

Sol+Guard 500 Micron

GeoBubble Swimming Pool Solar Cover – 25% Longer Lasting

EnergyGuard 500

Swimming Pool EnergyGuard 500 – Selective Transmission Cover

Reflective Covers

Reflective Storage Covers


Woven Product Range

Cool Guard

CoolGuard™ Ultra Pool Cover

Weave Turnover

RaeGuard Weave Turnover For Plastipack

Leading Edge

Premium Domestic Leading Edge

Protector Cover

Deluxe Solar Cover Protector Cover

Cover Poppers

Swimming Pool Solar Cover Poppers